Hawaii, Day 7

My last day in paradise! Zephyr and I were on the same flight back to Seattle, so we said good-bye to Toby, Allie, and Karen, and set off to explore. We ended up at the Kaloko Honokohau beach, where we saw lots of turtles, and some waterfowl.

1: Self-portrait at breakfast in downtown Kona
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2: There was a cruise ship in the Kona harbour most days. It's hard to believe how big these ships are.
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3: Zephyr enjoys his breakfast
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4: At the beach, Zephyr and I found an as-yet unidentified snail in a tidepool
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5: There was a surprising number of turtles at the beach
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6: This fellow just crawled out of the ocean and is looking for a nice sunny spot
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7: Zephyr lines up a shot
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8: It's hard work to crawl up a beach when you don't really have proper legs
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9: Turtle tracks
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10: An endangered Hawaiian Coot
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11: Can you see me? This tiny crab was practically invisible against the sand—I only saw him because he moved
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12: Zephyr and I headed inland to find the Queen's Baths, a placid pool in the middle of a field of broken lava. On the way there, we passed through this pleasant grove.
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13: What a great way to spend my birthday!
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