Hawaii, Day 2

We woke up bright and early (well, okay, at 9:00) to go diving! Dan had chartered a boat, and we motored out to two nice diving sites. The first one was at Pawai Bay (and this was my first real dive!). After the dive, we came up, had lunch, and went over to Crescent Beach. So what was diving like? It was incredible. Like I was swimming in an aquarium. So many pretty things to see. Not that you're interested in a list, but the things that stuck in my head were:

1: Dan sported an awesome hat
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2: Toby and Allie hung out at the stern, by the dive gear
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3: Allie poses against the wake
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4: Most of the ladies spent their time on the foredeck
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5: Becky took a great photo of me while she was snorkelling!
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6: Whale breaching!
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7: Two humpbacks were in the area. I heard them singing, but they were too far away to see while diving.
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8: Flukes up!
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