Gary's bachelor party

Sunday, December 4th, 2005

We started the day off with a trip to Snoqualmie for innertubing and snowball fights. For perhaps understandable reasons, I didn't bring my camera to that part. :)

1: Wugi and Jo get ready to enjoy some cherry pie and a DAMN fine cup of coffee at the RR Diner in Twin Peaks
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2: Gary's car stopped off to pick up some extra poker chips, so we arrived at his (locked) house before he did and needed to kill some time. So Sean pulled out a skateboard and went totally off the hook with his sick ollies--right in front of OMW's house.
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3: Todd spent some quality time with one of Gary's many puzzles
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4: Tom and Dale joined us for a friendly game of poker
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5: Dale and Carrick
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6: Gary and Sean look for glasses
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7: Gary, Dale, and Todd finish their tasty dinner
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8: Carrick, Tom, and Gary relax before the game starts
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9: Gary and Dale examine the chips
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10: Everyone listens as Sean explains the rules
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11: Gary and Wugi are having fun!
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