Las Vegas

June 19th, 2005

I attended the Cisco Networkers 2005 conference in Las Vegas. Learnt a lot of interesting things.

1: Apparently Mark Crispin has his own building in Vegas.
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2: Walking around. This is the north end of the Strip.
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3: Despite being in the middle of a desert, Vegas manages to keep the medians lush.
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4: More lush medians
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5: It seems like a lot of Vegas's revenue is derived from the casinos. Not everyone is happy with this. I thought the razor wire was a particularly nice touch.
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6: A pretty flower by one of the crosswalks
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7: At the conference, I attended many classes with names like "IPv6 Security Threats", "Troubleshooting OSPF", and "Deploying IP Multicast". There may have been a part of the conference I neglected to sign up for.
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8: There were over seven thousand people at this conference.
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9: And at the end of the conference, we squeezed all of them into the Palms hotel and casino for a party.
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10: Along with some folks in costume to liven up the atmosphere.
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11: Cisco gave us all black fedoras, with an almost tasteful Cisco logo on the band.
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12: Remember when I said "seven thousand"? That's a lot of folks. And no, I don't know what's up with this guy's eyes.
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13: 7,000 people can eat a lot of jalapeno poppers. Which is what I think we're looking at here, from an overhead balcony.
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14: One of the DJs at the party. I had to get a shot of his PowerBook. :)
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15: Seriously, this was like one fifth of the party. We had most of the ground floor of the casino to ourselves. If, by "ourselves", I am understood to mean all 7,000 people.
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16: That's the hotel part of the Palms.
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17: To top off the trip, I made it to see Penn and Teller perform at the Rio!
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