Digital Photos: Pittburgh

November 4th-12th, 2004

connectivity map

HDTV-over-IP realtime videoconferencing between Pittsburgh and Seattle, and Pittsburgh and Canberra. Pretty cool stuff--we had 10GE circuits all the way!

1: The view from my hotel room window
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2: A view from the convention centre. This is the Ninth street bridge, crossing over the Allegheny river.
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3: Another view from the convention centre. This is the Conrail bridge, crossing over the Allegheny river. Note the tug pushing a barge of coal.
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4: A view of the convention floor on Friday. They don't appear to be ready for us to start setting up our gear.
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5: Since we couldn't set up our gear, David and I went on a bit of a walking tour of the area. We found a fair amount of public art, including this sculpture. I couldn't find an explanitory plaque or marker, but it looked good enough to pose in front of. :)
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6: We were able to start work Saturday morning.
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7: Mike (left) and Myke (right) discuss the placement of our gear.
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8: Oh, looky! It's our 10GE connection, all neatly coiled and well-protected from the heavy machinery operating not five metres away!
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9: We've got all our gear set up and connected, but SCinet hasn't turned up the 10GE link yet. (You can see my notebook in the foreground.)
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10: At about noon on Monday, we were finally able to say 'hello' to Andrew in Australia.
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11: David runs through a quick explanation of the network setup for the UWTV folks.
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12: "10G Ethernet from here to Seattle, STM-64 across the Pacific to Sydney, and 10G Ethernet from Sydney to Canberra."
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13: We ran into some problems with the Foundrys not forwarding jumbo frames properly.
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14: Mike, Jim, and Myke work on fixing a few bugs.
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15: Mike adjusts the cabling behind the rack. You can see Carol (in Seattle) on the screen to the left.
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16: We went out for drinks after the show floor closed on Tuesday. Catherine is shown here in the middle of a good laugh . . .
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17: . . . which quickly spread to Beth. :)
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18: Conspiring . . .
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19: Mike tells Kathleen another "man walks into a bar" joke.
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20: Myke chats with Seattle and Australia on Wednesday. Jim can be seen in the background.
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21: Jim and Mike in the booth. You can see the (very expensive!) camera we were using for our video feed on the right.
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22: Most of the gang! Me, Mike, Myke, and Jim. You can see the Australia video feed on the top, and the Seattle video feed on the bottom. The microphone we used for our audio feed is in the foreground.
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23: Todd showed up on Wednesday and we all went out to dinner at a jazz club. Pictured are Jim's hands, Myke, Mike, Todd, Catherine's hand, and Beth.
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24: The food was unremarkable, but the music was great.
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25: To give you an idea of the scale of this event, here's a shot from a skybridge of half of the show floor. We were in the far side of the Intel booth.
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26: Here's the other half of the show floor. The whole thing is 236,000 square feet, slightly larger than five football fields.
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